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The Newest and and most Sanitary Tattoo shop in Houston

The Shaw Legacy, “The Best Generations of Houston Tattoo Artists”

The best of Houston’s Tattoo

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The Houston tattoo industry is filled with plenty of variety and big names representing top artist. Larry Shaw with 3rd Generation Ink has proved to be one of the top artist in Houston regarding different forms and styles of tattoo art. Larry Shaw is a very well-known name with Houston tattoo professionals. 3rd Generations Ink’s history and lineage has represented the tattoo industry in Houston EST 1979. Larry Shaw started tattooing at the age of seventeen professionally and apprenticed at his father’s shop (Shaw’s Tattoo Studio) at the young age of eleven. Whether you are looking for Asian flare, traditional art, portraits, authentic graffiti, custom lettering, tribal, or completely customized designs, 3rd Generation Ink is your Houston tattoo shop. 3rd Generation Ink retains the best Houston tattoo artist and it shows. Larry Shaw’s art work has been featured in magazines and TV shows. If you are looking for Houston’s most modern and sterile studio atmosphere boasting professionalism and hospitality to get your art work, contact 3rd Generation Ink today and find out why 3rd gen is gaining its reputation in the Houston tattoo scene.