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The Shaw Legacy, “The Best Generations of Tattoo Artists”

Larry Shaw’s Tattoo Houston

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larry shaw junior and larry shaw senior

Larry Shaw II has been around the tattoo industry his entire life. He was an apprentice in his Dad’s shop in Houston starting at the age of eleven, and began by making stencils, sketching up pieces for other artists, and selling pieces to customers. He started tattooing professionally at age 17, and has built up a strong reputation, not only in Houston, but all over the world, as one of the best there is. If you ask him, the most important aspects of a great tattoo are its quality and life. There are many tattoo styles that are around in the business today that do not consider the life of a tattoo. They focus solely on the immediate look of the piece, not how it ages over time. Larry focuses on making sure that the piece looks great forever, as he was taught by his Grandfather and Father. Larry is just as interested in the Science of tattooing as he is in the Art of it. He understands how colors age, how shading fades or darkens, and how an outline actually helps keep a piece intact, in place forever. If you want to ask his expertise, just schedule an appointment and he will pass along what he has learned from generations of knowledge of the business. Many artists today went to art school to learn to draw, but Larry has learned to really TATTOO from some of the greatest, most world-renowned artists in history. Remember, there are a lot of great artists out there who are NOT great tattooers! Learn the difference from an expert. Visit Larry Shaw Tattoo @ 3rd Generation Ink Today!